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In the first grade I told my teacher my name was Crystal and I had an older sister who was a prima ballerina in Rome. She told me I should be a writer instead of a liar. So this is all her fault.

My sister Marigold

In the many years since, I’ve become an author, screenwriter and filmmaker. But before that, I was a blogger for twelve years. 

I love this medium because of the freedom: no notes, no restrictions. I love reading other people’s newsletters for the same reason. 

Permanent Retrograde is a reader-supported medium. Both free and paid subscriptions are available. The best way to support my work (and my children) is through a paid subscription.

This is Permanent Retrograde, a newsletter about happiness, sadness, lies and everything in between. No recipes.

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Happiness, sadness, lies and everything in between. No recipes.


Kelly Oxford 

NYT & Internationally Bestselling Author, Screenwriter and Filmmaker. By the end of this, you'll agree: Diet Pepsi is for murderers.